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Our top 5 Clean Beauty Brands **heart eyes**

Our top 5 Clean Beauty Brands  **heart eyes**

15/07/21 by Chloe Williamson


To celebrate ‘National Clean Beauty Day’, we thought we’d give you a run down of our top 5 fave clean beauty brands. Why do we celebrate NCBD? Well, the day was created to recognise all of those hard working brands that push to create sustainable and ethical products, and we feel as a vegan marketplace, that stocks vegan and sustainable beauty, it is our duty to raise awareness for these brands and help you discover them and love them as much as we do!


Coming in at #5 is Skin Sapiens  (We only stock the best of the best 😉)

Skinsapiens is a London based skincare company that produces all natural skincare which is not only good for the skin, but good for the environment as all of the packaging is ethically made and 100% cruelty free and vegan certified.
But babe it gets better...the company is not only great for glowing skin and protecting the environment, but also for your bank account 👀
With affordable prices starting from just £7, this range is sure to please.

You can shop the collection here.

#4 is Dr Botanicals 

The London based indie brand promotes ethically made products such as facial exfoliators and body moisturiser. The brand is 100% vegan friendly and promotes formulas that encourages goodness, energy and vitamins. As a proud LGBT brand, Dr Botanicals is excited to promote diversity within the industry (WE LOVE TO SEE IT). & Bestie if you're unsure about how their products will work with your skin you can even find your perfect product match with their skincare quiz.

You can shop the range here.

Coming in at #3 is BYND Skin

BYND Skin - Beyond Skin

Okay okay we promise not all of them will be brands we stock on our site... but come on, what’s not to love?? 
BYND Skin's hero product is their vegan hemp infused face mask, which comes beautifully packaged with an application brush and face towel! Talk about going above and beyond! Based in Sydney, Australia, the mask is made from local natural ingredients that are sure to help you achieve brighter and smoother

You can shop their face mask here.

Okay Okay so #2 is not a brand we stock on our site (YET) but It is..... drum roll please: Makeup Revolution - Planet Beauty.

Not only is Makeup Revolution one of our all time favourite brands for releasing some gorgeous makeup that suits all skin tones, but they are now one of the top makeup brands known for being ethically awesome! Planet Revolution is their newest collection of makeup and skincare introduced by the brand that promotes ethical and vegan products. They’ve introduced a line of eyeshadows with fully recyclable packaging, makeup accessories and even recycling bins! How fab!

You can learn more and shop the collection here.

And #1 is our very own best-seller Delilah Cosmetics

Delilah Find Your Flawless Complexion Collection | Guru Makeup Emporium


This British makeup brand is known for its PETA certified products and luxurious branding. The brand, as well as being certified vegan is 100% cruelty and paraben free. From a gorgeous vegan brush collection to eye shadow palettes and blush, there is plenty on offer, whether you're looking for a full
face of vegan products, or just some new brushes! 
Delilah is our best selling brand for a reason - their products do not lie. Most recently a tiktok video featuring their light weight foundation went viral for its flawless coverage... and rightly so!

You can shop the collection here.


Here at Unearthedco, its our main mission to provide you with affordable brands that are vegan certified, clean and ethical. Therefore you will only ever find 100% vegan and cruelty-free products on the site that are clean and sustainable.
so you’ll never have to second guess us. We always aim to be as honest and transparent as possible when it comes to our brands and the products we list, to earn back the makeup and skincare communities trust. For any related questions feel free to DM us over on our instagram @unearthedco !



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