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What came first?
The cleanser or the toner?

What came first?<br> The cleanser or the toner?

Kind of like the chicken and egg debate... but vegan & about skincare. In the beauty industry there has lately been a lot of talk about whether you should apply your toner first or cleanser (thanks to tiktok) Has your 2 step skincare regime been lying to you? we did some digging to expose the truth.

For years, I've been using a toner to take my makeup off and then cleansing my face and following it with moisturiser only to find out I've been doing it all wrong...

According to tiktok (and several other sources) you should actually use your cleanser first to remove any dirt and grime AND THEN... products following that should go from light to heavy. AKA, toner and then a serum/moisturiser, this is due to a toners water-like consistency.

The main being is, it opens up your pores, to then better absorb any oils/moisturisers or serums you wish to use. FANCY THAT!

A good rule of thumb is that if you're using a super gentle toner that's main focus is hydration, you can most likely use it daily!

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