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10 vegan loungewear fits for the ultimate 'that girl' aesthetic

10 vegan loungewear fits for the ultimate 'that girl' aesthetic

Written by Chiara Puz


When we first googled loungewear fits, we were offered 43,300,000 results in 0.76 seconds. So, there is no doubt everyone owns at least one loungewear fit or has had an urge to purchase one after watching numerous ‘that girl’ tiktoks. When it comes to vegan loungewear however, Google offers ‘only’ 12,700,000 results. In this blog post, we choose some of our favourite vegan loungewear fits that rightfully call themselves vegan, so there is no need to double-check.


Still not convinced, you can achieve the ‘that girl’ aesthetic and shop vegan? Let us show you our 10 chosen alternatives and decide for yourself… 

Blue district vegan loungewear

Blue District is sustainable, cruelty-free, ethically made and most importantly 100% vegan. Yeah, we know it almost sounds ‘too good to be true' but we can vouch that it is not all. They are also inclusive, offering sizes from 0 to 3XL all available on Seriously what more can you ask for??? We don’t know about you, but we are in loveee!!

Nunude vegan loungewear

Hurry up to our website and search Nunude for the ultimate cool-girl vibe. Nunude is a community brand for every shape and size known for skin-matching undergarments. They offer timeless designs and styles that are ethically crafted and inexpensive. Their main inspiration are women who are advocates of body positivity and self-love, ready to break the limitation of beauty. Just look at those colours and design, it screams AESTHETIC!! and most importantly fits everyBODY.

Luxe To Kill Vegan loungewear

As a perfect alternative to Skims, we present to you a UK vegan & slow fashion brand: Luxe to Kill. The brand was established in 2017 in Manchester, led by a young female-driven group. Their shift to a more sustainable business model reflects the changing nature of the world we live in. They only used vegan materials since the beginning and are aware of how unreal their collections are without harming the Earth. If you ask us, their confidence is justified, their vegan loungewear sets have cosy at its core with fluffy materials, earthy colours as well as being super affordable offering a 10% Student Discount with Student Beans, free UK delivery on orders over £50 and more. Nothing is saying ‘I can be that girl’ more than these vegan loungewear sets.

The Pangaia Vegan loungewear

One of the most familiar brands when it comes to saving the environment using material science is Pangaia. Their team of scientists, technicians and designers work together to create essential products using cutting-edge technology and bio-engineered materials. I mean, we don’t know if you were living under a rock, but we were fans of Pangaia sets before the ‘that girl’ aesthetic even existed. Their pieces are of great quality, simple and timeless. The various colours in which sets come in are making it almost impossible to not appeal to the masses. You can choose from simple beige to the craziest green you will ever see. Unfortunately, the price is not as affordable as we would like to see but someone needs to pay for all the technology behind this brand, right?? Overall, we like to think they are worth the investment. Check out the sets and decide for yourself.

Boody vegan loungewear

Boody was founded in 2011 on the eastern beaches of lovely Sydney. Created by two best friends with a combined interest in fashion and wellness to launch an eco-friendly clothing line that values comfort, style, and health. They're now available worldwide with a physical shop in the centre of Sydney because they wanted to stay true to their roots, cute right?! Their goal is to make the consumer look and feel wonderful, as well as provide them with true sensory experience in their everyday basics using natural materials.

Ethcs Vegan Loungewear

The Ethcs goal is to aid in the reduction of clothing's ever-increasing impact on the environment. They are aware of the demand for new apparel but strive to give a sustainable option that has a beneficial impact. So, the planet, as well as the people and animals who depend on it, benefit. Their point of difference is apart from having their label the brand offers Ethcs customers the buy-sell-trade option, so the received items can be resold on their Depop account. Clever and ethical, serving as a prime example of a brand that is thinking about the future of clothing and wants to reward customers who are doing the same and we wish them nothing but luck! 

Maniere de voir vegan loungewear

Loungewear with a twist would be the best way to describe Manière de Voir. The distressed knits, high neck jumpers, ribbed tops, asymmetric towelling sets are taking loungewear to a different level. Their main aim is to create clothing that will last you forever. How could you say no to that?? All their products are created by their in-house design team, which results in incredibly unique pieces. The fabrics used are durable, innovative & are promised to stand the test of time. So, if you want to achieve ‘that girl’ look but also stay unique Manière de Voir is the answer.

Komodo vegan loungewear

All goods by Komodo are created from organically grown, sustainable materials such as cotton, linen, and hemp. Tencel, Modal and Cupro are also among the company’s other materials, all of which are manufactured from natural raw materials and processed using a closed-loop system that reuses the water and chemicals used in the manufacturing process. They think that small acts taken today can have a meaningful influence on the future, thats why they've been operating ethically since 1988. These are all things we love to hear, and their sets are to die for.

Vegan outfitters plant based loungewear

Vegan Outfitters mission is to spread compassion. Every time you buy something from their store, they donate it to UK sanctuaries to rescue farm animals from abuse. Each order will come from a W.R.A.P Gold certified facility, meaning: no sweatshops or child labour, safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing, solar power and cutting floor, 7x less water used than the average clothing manufacturer, plastic-free packaging. The sets come in basic colours so they are easy to style, and you can choose between a wearable vegan statement or more minimal writing, it’s up to you hun!

eartheia vegan loungewear

Finally, Eartheia was created with ethical & plant-based fashion enthusiasts in mind. We offer vegan loungewear sets that are just so Instagrammable and affordable. Both hoodies and joggers repel water. You can even use our clothing tags to grow a new plant since they are made from seed paper, this is what we call innovation. They are available in three colours: Oat, Ebony and Mist White. Don’t forget to tag us in your ‘that girl’ reels.

Our main goal at Eartheia is to supply you with inexpensive vegan-certified, clean, and ethical businesses. As a result, you’ll only find clean and sustainable 100% vegan and cruelty-free products on the site.


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